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Lecture @ The Session

Cardiff Magician James Went was honoured to have been invited to deliver a talk at 'The Session Convention ( ) a few weeks ago. For any non magicians The Session is a major UK industry convention that attracts the very best magicians in the world to London for a 3 day conference. Past presenters include David Blaine, Derren Brown, Dynamo and a whole host of hugely respected creators and performers from within magic.

Present in the room of 650+ magicians, were some of the greatest minds in magic, including several of James' personal heroes. As a magician in Cardiff it was a huge compliment to have been asked and James certainly raised to the challenge. During his talk he presented two original tricks and discussed his philosophies on scripting, methods and presentation. One of the routines that James performed was his take on a well known plot in card magic called, Any Card at Any Number. James' presentation received an audible gasp in the room at the impossible finale of the routine.


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