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Grant Cardone

Cardiff magician performs for Grant Cardone

James Went, everyones favourite Cardiff Magician recently performed for 10x creator Grant Cardone at the IntroBiz Expo at the Vale Resort ( ). His response to the magic was wonderful.

Magician in Cardiff James Went performs for Grant Cardone

As a magician in Cardiff, I take great pleasure in performing the highest quality of magic possible and performing at such a great event was a pleasure.

Magcian in Cardiff James Went and Grant Cardone
Magician in Cardiff James Went Vale Resort

As well as performing magic in Cardiff for Grant Cardone, I also had the pleasure of covering the tables for the evening corporate entertainment, performing high quality sleight of hand magic in Cardiff hotel, the Vale Resort

As always the reaction to the magic was very encouraging as demonstrated by these pictures of the magician in Cardiff.

Cardiff Magician James Went performs amazing magic

A huge thank you to Leon Guest and Connor Weston for capturing such great images of Cardiff magician James Went


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