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Cardiff magician performs magic in cardiff

There are many different performers of varying skill levels across the country. As a client it can often be difficult to choose a suitable magician for their events. Usually it come down to price. Unfortunately price and value exist as two separate entities. I pride myself on delivering the best possible performance for a given event, at a reasonable fee which is substantiated by the value and experience I provide. As my own business, I have clear guidelines as to what I do and how I am able to overdeliver on my clients expectations. CREATE. PERFORM. AMAZE.

CREATE: 100% of the material in my professional repertoire is original. In order to stand out, I believe my clients should experience something they won't get elsewhere. In addition to this, I'm often asked to create routines for TV, theatre and other performers.

PERFORM: The material in my set has been honed over hundreds of performances for different audiences. It is designed to have maximum impact whilst retaining a strong feeling of integration within a group. There is a huge difference between performing AT an audience and sharing an unforgettable experience WITH your audience.

AMAZE: In any industry, I believe it is the goal of the provider to over deliver on the clients expectations. Often, people haven't experienced high quality magic live before, and may have preconceived notions about what it might entail. During my performance I aim to restructure my audiences perception of magic, and show them is truly possible when words, actions and ideas combine.


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