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Live in Hollywood!

As a Cardiff magician, it was a huge honour in April to perform at the world famous Academy of Magical Arts (aka The Magic Castle) in Hollywood. If you haven't heard of the Magic Castle, it's the most prestigious place in the world for magic. Being a magician in Cardiff it was a huge thrill to travel across the globe and be a magician for hire in Los Angeles.

Magician for hire Cardiff

This Cardiff magician performed 28 shows in 10 days to some of the best audiences for magic in the world.

Cardiff Magician in Los Angeles

Here are a few of the professional photographs of the 'South Wales Magician' act, in which all the routines were created with the goal of promoting the idea of being a magician in South Wales.

Hire a magician South Wales

South Wales magician performs in LA

Cardiff Magician James Went waves the flag for UK

The whole act, themed around being a magician in South Wales, can be viewed here..

As well as performing every night, this Cardiff magician took plenty of time out to visit many of the great sites in LA. Including Penn and Teller on the Hollywood walk of fame.

South Wales magician James Went


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